Brandon Freeman: Can We Trust the Gospels? Luke 1:1-4 4-7-19 (listen)
Tyler Sykora: Mark 8:22-33 3-31-19 (listen)
Roy Wallen: Seeing Him for Who He Is (John 1:1-5) 3-24-18 (listen)
Dr. Noah Palmer: The Most Honorable, Important and Challenging Pursuit (Philippians 3:10) 3-10-19 (listen)
Dr. Jim Kutnow: The Dangers of Idolatry (various texts) 3-3-19 (listen)
Darin Lund: The Feeding of the 5000 (John 6:1-15) 2-24-19 (listen)
Paul Brandes: Gospel Fruit (Galatians 5:16-25) 2-3-19 (listen)
The Cost of Building a Church (Matthew 16:13-28) 1-6-19 (listen)
The Progressive Christian (Ephesians 5:15-21) 12-30-18 (listen)

The Counseling of Jesus

Trusting God with Your Doubts (Matthew 3, Luke 7) 11-25-18 (listen)
Nicodemus and the New Birth (John 3:1-21) 12-2-18 (listen)
Learning to Believe (Mark 5:21-43) 12-9-18 (listen)
A Tale of Two Sinners (Luke 7:36-50) 12-16-18 (listen)

The Life of Jacob

The Saint Who Lacked a Halo (Genesis 24-25) 9-2-18 (listen)
A Banquet of Consequences (Genesis 25-27) 9-9-18 (listen)
The Real “Real World” (Genesis 27-28) 9-16-18 (listen)
Romance and Realism (Genesis 29:1-30) 9-23-18 (listen)
Envy: The Contest with No Winners (Genesis 29:31-30:24) 9-30-18 (listen)
The Ministry of Labor (Genesis 30:25-31:18) 10-21-18 (listen)
Making Peace with Difficult People (Genesis 31:17-55) 10-28-18 (listen)
Embracing the Mystery of God (Genesis 32:1-33:11) 11-4-18 (listen)
Remembering Who  You Are, No Matter Where You Are (Genesis 35-50) 11-11-18 (listen)

1 Corinthians

Seeing What’s Right with the Church (1 Corinthians 1:1-9) 1-21-18 (listen)
The Choir That Couldn’t Harmonize (1 Corinthians 1:10-17) 1-28-18 (listen)
The Comedy of the Gospel (1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5) 2-4-18 (listen)
Exposing the Church’s Ancient Secret (1 Corinthians 2:6-16) 2-11-18 (listen)
Don’t Make the Devil’s Job Easier (1 Corinthians 3:1-23) 2-18-18 (listen)
Who Am I to Judge? (1 Corinthians 4:1-7) 2-25-18 (listen)
From Riches to Rage: The Secrets of Real Success (1 Corinthians 4:8-21) 3-4-18 (listen)
Keep the Church Out of Court (1 Corinthians 6:1-11) 3-25-18 (listen)
Toward a More Christian “Body Image” (1 Corinthians 6:12-20) 4-8-18 (listen)
Rescuing Marriage from the Overly Spiritual (1 Corinthians 7:1-9) 4-15-18 (listen)
Two Cheers for the Status Quo (1 Corinthians 7:10-24) 4-22-18 (listen)
To Tie the Knot or Not (1 Corinthians 7:25-40) 4-29-18 (listen)
Lessons from an Ancient Food Fight (1 Corinthians 8:1-13) 5-6-18 (listen)
Letting Go of What “They Owe Me” (1 Corinthians 9:1-18) 5-13-18 (listen)
Free to Be a Servant (1 Corinthians 9:19-23) 5-20-18 (listen)
For Heaven’s Sake, Control Yourself! (1 Corinthians 9:24-10:13) 5-27-18 (listen)
When a Simple “Yes” or “No” Won’t Do (1 Corinthians 10:14-11:1) 6-3-18 (listen)
Worshiping God with Heart, Soul, and Hair (1 Corinthians 11:2-16) 6-10-18 (listen)
Muddy Boots on Holy Ground (1 Corinthians 11:17-34) 6-17-18 (listen)
Snowflakes, Not Ice Cubes (1 Corinthians 12:1-11) 6-24-18 (listen)
What God’s Body Language is Saying (1 Corinthians 12:12-31) 7-1-18 (listen)
What Love Looks Like (1 Corinthians 13:1-13) 7-8-18 (listen)
“What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate” (1 Corinthians 14:1-25) 7-22-18 (listen)
No Church Is an Island (1 Corinthians 14:26-40) 7-29-18 (listen)
Addressing Unfelt Needs (1 Corinthians 15:1-11) 8-5-18 (listen)
He is Risen?  Does it Matter?  (1 Corinthians 15:12-34) 8-12-18 (listen)
I Can Only Imagine…Or Can I? 8-19-18 (listen)
The Hidden Costs of Community (1 Corinthians 16:1-24) 8-26-18

A God for All Seasons

In the Days of Your Youth (Luke 2:41-52) 11-19-17 (listen)
We’ve Just Been So Busy (various Scripture) 11-26-17 (listen)
Tears, Idle Tears:  Seasons of Regret (various Scripture) 12-3-17 (listen)
Bored Stiff (Romans 12:1-13) 12-10-17 (listen)
Moving Beyond “Kidulthood” (Philippians 2) 12-17-17 (listen)
Waiting (Psalm 37:1-11) 12-31-17 (listen)
A Time to Laugh (Psalms 103 and 126) 1-7-18 (listen)
Not As Young As I Used to Be  (Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:7) 1-14-18 (listen)

The First Christmas Noel (Luke 1:39-55) 12-24-17 (listen)

Reformation Day – The Heart of the Gospel (Romans 3:21-28) 10-29-17 (listen)

The Message of Jeremiah

Placed Where We Belong (Jeremiah 1:1-10) 7-23-17 (listen)
The Flight from God (Jeremiah 2:1-37) 8-6-17 (listen)
About-Face! (3:6-4:4) 8-13-17 (listen)
User-Friendly Worship (Jeremiah 7:1-8:12) 8-20-17 (listen)
What You Won’t Hear at the Prayer Meeting (Jeremiah 11, 12 and 15) 8-27-18 (listen)
The Ugly Side of Human Nature 9-3-17 (listen)
Who Does God Think He Is? (Jeremiah 18:1-18) 9-10-17 (listen)
The Path to Success (Jeremiah 22, 25, 36, 45) 9-17-17 (listen)
The War of the Words (Jeremiah 23:9-32) 9-24-17 (listen)
Straying from the Herd (Jeremiah 35:1-19) 10-1-17 (listen)
When You Can’t  Turn Back the Clock (Jeremiah 29:1-14) 10-8-17 (listen)
The Burden of Choice (Jeremiah 37-38) 10-15-17 (listen)
Hope Amid the Ashes (Jeremiah 30-33) 10-22-17 (listen)
Healing a Broken Heart (Jeremiah 31:31-34) 11-5-17 (listen)
Walking in the Dark (Jeremiah 39-43) 11-12-17 (listen)

1 Peter

What’s a Person Like You Doing in a Place Like This? 2-19-17 (listen)
What Are You Smiling About? 2-26-17 (listen)
What the Prophets Said About You 3-5-17 (listen)
3-12-17 (listen)
The Truth Will Set Your Free 3-19-17 (listen)
A Poet’s View of the Church 4-2-17 (listen)
Keep America Beautiful 4-9-17 (listen)
Adorning the Gospel in the Political Arena 4-23-17 (listen)
Playing Fair When Life Doesn’t 4-30-17 (listen)
Toward a Healthier Home Environment 5-7-17 (listen)
How to Live “The Good Life” 5-14-17 (listen)
Keeping Cool in the Hot Seat 6-4-17 (listen)
Strange Comfort: Learning from a “Problem Passage” (1 Peter 3:18-22) 6-11-17 (listen)
What to do With the Rest of Your Life (1 Peter 4:1-11) 6-18-17 (listen)
Creative Suffering (1 Peter 4:12-19) 6-25-17  (listen)
Biblical Leadership (and “Followership”) (1 Peter 5:1-7) 7-2-17 (listen)
Engaging an Unseen Foe (1 Peter 5:8-14) 7-16-17 (listen)

Spirituality for Earthlings

Christian Humanism 12-18-16 (listen)
Making a Habit of Growth 1-1-17 (listen)
Spiritual Wholeness for Split Personalities 1-8-17 (listen)
Teaching Your Heart to Sing 1-22-17 (listen)
The Disciple’s Guide to Social Climbing 1-29-17 (listen)
“He Leadeth Me”…But How? 2-5-17 (listen)
The Social Side of Spirituality 2-12-17 (listen)

The Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134)

Still Singing as We Go 9-18-16 (listen)
Traveling Mercies 9-25-16 (listen)
I’m Just Happy to Be Here 10-2-16 (listen)
In the Presence of My Enemies 10-9-16 (listen)
Laughing Out Loud 10-23-16 (listen)
A Good and Pleasant Company 10-30-16 (listen)
In God We Trust—Why? 11-6-16 (listen)
A Heritage From the Lord 11-13-16 (listen)
From “Once Upon a Time” to “Happily Ever After” 11-27-16 (listen)
Becoming Your Original Self 12-4-16 (listen)
Hope for the Walking Dead 12-11-16 (listen)

The Teaching of Jesus

What is Jesus Really About? 5-8-16 (listen)
The Taste of New Wine 5-15-16 (listen)
Subverting the Conventional Wisdom 5-22-16 (listen)
A One-Size-Fits-All Spirituality 5-29-16 (listen)
People Listening Without Hearing 6-5-16 (listen)
The High Cost of Living 6-12-16 (listen)
WDJD:  Whad Did Jesus Do?  6-19-16 (listen)
Much Ado About Doing Nothing 6-26-16 (listen)
Go Ask Your Father 7-3-16 (listen)
A Message for Misers 7-10-16 (listen)
How Not To Act In Public 7-17-16 (listen)
Stories of Loss and Laughter 7-31-16 (listen)
To Do My Duty 8-7-16 (listen)
When “Pie in the Sky” Fell to Earth 8-14-16 (listen)
The Man Who Had Almost Everything 8-21-16 (listen)
Living on Borrowed Time 8-28-16 (listen)
And a Child Shall Lead Them 9-4-16 (listen)
The Road Less Traveled 9-11-16 (listen)


Why Politics Matters 2-28-16 (listen)
The Political Significance of God 3-6-16 (listen)
The Political Problem of Human Nature 4-3-16 (listen)
Caesar’s Job Description 4-10-16 (listen)
What You Owe Uncle Sam 4-17-16 (listen)
Onward Christian Soldiers? 4-24-16 (listen)
The End of Politics 5-1-16 (listen)


The Fellowship of Grace Joy and Chains 11-1-15 (listen)
My Prayer for You 11-8-15 (listen)
When God Changes Your Plans 11-15-15 (listen)
A Future to Live (and Die) For 11-22-15 (listen)
Great Church Fights 11-29-15 (listen)
Unity Without Uniformity 12-6-15 (listen)
A Tought Act to Follow 12-13-15 (listen)
A Stellar Performance 12-27-15 (listen)
The Heroes Among Us 1-3-16 (listen)
The Hazards of Religion 1-10-16 (listen)
Moving from the Treadmill to the Track 1-17-16 (listen)
Manifest Destinies 1-24-16 (listen)
Marked Reactions 1-31-16 (listen)
The Well-Nourished Mind 2-7-16 (listen)
More Blessed to Give 2-21-16 (listen)


Calling Secularism’s Bluff 6-28-15 (listen)
Second Thoughts on “The Good Life” 7-5-15 (listen)
Enjoying the Absurdities of Life 7-12-15 (listen)
The Gift of Time 7-19-15 (listen)
When Reality Mocks Your Hopes 7-26-15 (listen)
Keeping Your Balance on the Corporate Ladder 8-2-15 (listen)
The Folly of Casual Worship 8-9-15 (listen)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire…and Why? 8-16-15 (listen)
All Messed Up With Nowhere To Go 8-23-15 (listen)
Living with What Is, Not What Ought to Be 8-30-15 (listen)
The Human Side of Being Spiritual 9-13-15 (listen)
Living with Limitations 9-20-15 (listen)
Wine, Women & Psalms:  Enjoying the Wholeness of Holiness 9-27-15 (listen)
Why Things Can’t Help But Go Wrong 10-4-15 (listen)
Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone 10-11-15 (listen)
A God for All Seasons 10-18-15 (listen)
Preparing for the Final Exam 10-25-15 (listen)


The Gospel and the Magic Kingdom 12-7-14 (listen)
Seeing the Chariots of Fire 12-14-14 (listen)
Leaning into the Future 1-11-15 (listen)
A Prayer for Firsthand Knowledge 1-18-15 (listen)
Probing the Heart of Darkness 1-25-15 (listen)
Grace of Karma? 2-1-15 (listen)
There’s No Place Like Home 2-8-15 (listen)
The Church’s Affirmative Action Policy 2-15-15 (listen)
How to Overcome Being Normal 2-22-15 (listen)
Waging Peace 3-1-15 (listen)
It Takes a Church 3-22-15 (listen)
Getting Your Mind Out of the Gutter 3-29-15 (listen)
Dressed for Success (No Matter What You’re Wearing) 4-19-15 (listen)
Will You Be Gracing Us With Your Presense? 4-26-15 (listen)
What’s Love Got To Do With It? 5-3-15 (listen)
Walking Away from a Wasted Life 5-17-15 (listen)
A Picture-Perfect Marriage 5-24-15 (listen)
A Well-Nourished Family 5-31-15 (listen)
Working For More Than a Living 6-7-15 (listen)
A Peacekeeper’s Guide to Holy War 6-14-15 (listen)
Don’t Just Stand There! 6-21-15 (listen)

American Idols

The Idolization of Youth 9-28-14 (listen)
Babel Revisited: The Idolization of Bigness 10-5-14 (listen)
The Idolization of Speed 10-12-14 (listen)
The Idolization of Pleasure 11-2-14 (listen)
The Idolization of Technology 11-9-14 (listen)
The Idolization of Self 11-16-14 (listen)
The Idolization of Need 11-23-14 (listen)

1 Samuel

With God in the Dark Ages 7-13-14 (listen)
Everyday Miracles 7-20-14 (listen)
Too Little, Too Late 7-27-14 (listen)
And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor 8-3-14 (listen)
Putting God in a Box 8-10-14 (listen)
Starting Over—Again 8-17-14 (listen)
Making the Best of a Turn for the Worse 8-24-14 (listen)
Shaping Your Future 9-7-14 (listen)
Moving from Excuses to Growth 9-14-14 (listen)
What Are You Looking At? 9-21-14 (listen)

2 Timothy

A Memorable Character 4-27-14 (listen)
Promoting the Message of Freedom 5-4-14 (listen)
The Work of the Ministry 5-11-14 (listen)
Keeping the Wind in Your Sail 5-18-14 (listen)
Outworking the Competition 5-25-14 (listen)
Making Yourself Useful 6-1-14 (listen)
The “Last Days” Are Here Again 6-8-14 (listen)
Still Deciding to Follow Jesus 6-15-14 (listen)
Can You Hear Me Now? 6-22-14 (listen)
Redeeming the Time on Death Row 6-29-14 (listen)
Clothing the Naked Word 7-6-14 (listen)

Christian Baptism

Why Bother With Baptism? 4-6-14 (listen)
Baptism Rites and Wrongs 4-13-14 (listen)

Missional Living

The Ministry of Culture 2-23-14 (listen)
Full-Service Living in a Self-Serve World 3-2-14 (listen)
Becoming Who I Am 3-16-14 (listen)


Every Story Tells a Picture 1-5-14 (listen)
Those Are the Rules…Do You Still Want to Play?  1-12-14 (listen)
What You Do Know Can Hurt You 1-19-14 (listen)
All I Really Need to Know 1-26-14 (listen)
What Does Godliness Really Look Like? 2-2-14 (listen)
The Call of the Wild 2-9-14 (listen)
Moving Beyond Disappointment 2-16-14 (listen)

Cardinal Virtues

Compassion:  Seeing Through Another’s Eyes 9-29-13 (listen)
Tolerance: Love Across Boundaries 10-6-13 (listen)
Integrity: Genuine Virtue in a Virtual World 10-13-13 (listen)
Courage: Standing Firm When Your Knees Are Knocking 10-27-13 (listen)
Justice: What the Lord Requires 11-3-13 (listen)
Diligence: The Call to Active Duty 11-10-13 (listen)
Modest: The Unassuming Virtue 11-17-13 (listen)
Gratitude: Living in the Shadow of Grace 11-24-13 (listen)
Prudence: The Thoughtful Virtue 12-1-13 (listen)


God’s Final Answer 1-6-13 (listen)
A Place for Angels 1-13-13 (listen)
The Perils of Spiritual ADD 1-20-13 (listen)
Jesus and the Human Comedy 1-27-13 (listen)
Keeping Faith 2-10-13 (listen)
Take Heed Lest You Fall 2-17-13 (listen)
Finding the Rest You Need 2-24-13 (listen)
Dare to Draw Near 3-3-13 (listen)
Time to Grow Up 4-7-13 (listen)
Two Roads Diverged 4-14-13 (listen)
Learning to Wait 4-28-13 (listen)
The Once and Future King-Priest 5-5-13 (listen)
The End of Religion 5-12-13 (listen)
Fixing a Broken Heart 5-19-13 (listen)
Finding Sanctuary 6-9-13 (listen)
How God Rewrites Your Story 6-16-13 (listen)
The Sufficiency of Christ 6-23-13 (listen)
Confident Living 6-30-13 (listen)
Great Expectations 7-14-13 (listen)
The Conviction of Things Not Seen 7-21-13 (listen)
Looking Beyond the Bucket List 7-28-13 (listen)
Finding the Courage to Continue 8-4-13 (listen)
It Takes a Child to Raise a Village 8-11-13 (listen)
The Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken 9-1-13 (listen)
The Affectionate Christian 9-8-13 (listen)
The Healthy Heart Lifestyle 9-15-13 (listen)
A good and Pleasant Company 9-22-13 (listen)

The Imitation of Christ

Come to the Quiet: Making a Habit of Solitude 10-28-12 (listen)
Staying Connected: Making a Habit of Prayer 11-4-12 (listen)
Making a Habit of Service 11-18-12 (listen)
Making a Habit of Celebration & Festivity 11-25-12 (listen)
Clothe Yourselves with Humility 12-9-12 (listen)
Making a Habit of Worship 12-16-12 (listen)


The Business of Heaven 9-2-12 (listen)
Looking for Leaders 9-9-12 (listen)
Learning from the Opposition 9-16-12 (listen)
What “Being a Grown-Up” Looks Like 9-23-12 (listen)
Resisting the Ugliness of the Age 9-30-12 (listen)
The Public Face of Private Faith 10-7-12 (listen)
Steering Through Hazards and Toward Health 10-14-12 (listen)
What Did Jesus Do? 10-21-12 (listen)


When The Glass is Half-Empy 7-8-12 (listen)
Serving God Leftovers 7-15-12 (listen)
The Power of Example (for better or worse) 7-22 (listen)
Where Is Thy Faithfulness? 7-29 (listen)
You Say You Want a Revolution? 8-5-12 (listen)
Picking God’s Pocket 8-12-12 (listen)
A Cynic’s Guide to Keeping Your Hopes Up 8-19-12 (listen)

A Theology of Play

Leisure: Time for Enjoying God’s Good Gifts 5-6-12 (listen)
Holy Playfulness 5-13-12 (listen)
Enjoying the Gift of Beauty 5-20-12 (listen)
Creativity: The Forgotten Spiritual Gift 5-27-12 (listen)
Engaging the Entertaining 6-17-12 (listen)
The Gift of Music 6-24-12 (listen)
Divine Comedy 7-1-12 (listen)

I Thessalonians

Unlikely Models: The Surprising Story of the Thessalonians 2-12-12 (listen)
Making a Difference 2-19-12 (listen)
Mixed Reviews 2-26-12 (listen)
Out Debt to One Another 3-4-12 (listen)
The First Sexual Revolution 3-11-12 (listen)
What Are We Known For? 3-18-12 (listen)
The Resurrection of Hope 4-8-12 (listen)
Judgment Day? Get Serious! 4-15-12 (listen)
Making the Best of Difficult Relationships 4-22-12 (listen)
A Few Things for the “To Be” List 4-29-12 (listen)

Royal Portaits

Samuel: The Reluctant Kingmaker 10-30-11 (listen)
Saul: The Man Voted “Most Likely to Succeed” 11-6-11 (listen)
David: The Loyal Shepherd-King 11-13-11 (listen)
Why Thanksgiving Should Come Before (and After) Christmas 11-20-11 (listen)
Solomon: The Wise King and His Folly 11-27-11 (listen)
Rehoboam: Ambition Gone Bad 12-4-11 (listen)
Asa: The Godly Flip-Flopper 12-11-11 (listen)
Ahab: One Nation Under Which God? 12-18-11 (listen)
Jehoshaphat: In the World, Not of the World 1-8-12 (listen)
Hezekiah: Faith in the “Real World” 1-15-12 (listen)
Josiah: The Resistance Fighter 1-22-12 (listen)
Jehoiakim: Which Path to Success? 1-29-12 (listen)
Zedekiah: The Burden of Choice 2-5-12 (listen)

Family Life

Faithfulness: The Tie That Binds and Blesses 9-11-11 (listen)
Only Connect: Communication in Family Life 9-18-11 (listen)
Forgiveness: An Essential Tool for Home Maintenance 9-25-11 (listen)
A Singular Perspective on Family 10-2-11 (listen)
Toward a More Perfect Union 10-9-11 (listen)
Unless the Lord Builds the House 10-16-11 (listen)
Keeping the Joy in Family Life 10-23-11 (listen)

The Sermon on the Mount

The Upside-Down Kingdom 5-15-11 (listen)
What in the World Are You Doing? 5-22-11 (listen)
The Jewish Gospel of Jesus 5-29-11 (listen)
Getting Away with Murder? 6-5-11 (listen)
Imaginative Sinning 6-12-11 (listen)
…and Nothing but the Truth 6-26-11 (listen)
“An Eye for an Eye” Leaves Everyone Blind 7-3-11 (listen)
All the World’s a Stage 7-10-11 (listen)
The Side Effects of Being Spiritual 8-7-11 (listen)
Vital Signs 8-14-11 (listen)
Decision Time 8-28-11 (listen)


When God Won’t Take “No” for an Answer 4-10-11 (listen)
What’s a God Like You Doing in a Place Like This? 4-17-11 (listen)
The Curious Case of the Missing Compassion 5-8-11 (listen)

The Imagery of Scripture

Tree 1-16-11 (listen)
Rock 1-23-11 (listen)
Seasons 1-30-11 (listen)
Bread and Wine 2-6-11 (listen)
Light 2-13-11 (listen)
Shepherd 2-20-11 (listen)
War 2-27-11 (listen)
Wind 3-6-11 (listen)
City 3-13-11 (listen)
Vine 3-20-11 (listen)
Clothing 4-3-11 (listen)


Getting Our Story Straight 2-7-10 (listen)
What I Like About You 2-14-10 (listen)
The Flight From God 2-28-10 (listen)
Bad News for Good People 3-7-10 (listen)
Counting (on) Your Blessings 3-21-10 (listen)
The Skinny on Sin 4-11-10 (listen)
The Heart of the Gospel 4-18-10 (listen)
Father Abraham’s Discovery 4-25-10 (listen)
What Are You Smiling About? 5-2-10 (listen)
Humanity in Christ: New and Improved 5-16-10 (listen)
And Now, with Go’s help, I Shall Become Myself 5-23-10 (listen)
Our Debt to the Past, Our Duty to the Future 5-30-10 (listen)
Leaving the Hotel California 6-6-10 (listen)
The New Way of the Spirit 6-13-10 (listen)
My Own Worst Enemy 6-27-10 (listen)
Gifts from Beyond 7-11-10 (listen)
Earth’s Heavenly Hope 7-18-10 (listen)
Confident Suffering 7-25-10 (listen)
Has God Failed the Jews? 8-1-10 (listen)
Does God Play Fair? 8-8-10 (listen)
When Loved Ones Don’t Believe 8-22-10 (listen)
“God is Faithful? I Just Don’t See It!” 8-29-10 (listen)
Our Other National Debt 9-5-10 (listen)
Holy Nonconformity 9-12-10 (listen)
Mental Remodeling: Some Projects for Beginners 9-19-10 (listen)
Love: You’ll Know It When You See It 9-26-10 (listen)
What’s a Government For? 10-3-10 (listen)
What You Owe Uncle Sam 10-10-10 (listen)
Getting Dressed for Tomorrow Today 10-17-10 (listen)
Welcoming Those Who Don’t See It Your Way 10-24-10 (listen)
Happy Halloween? 10-31-10 (listen)
Toward a More Civil Liberty 11-7-10 (listen)
Harmonizing the Church’s Praise 11-14-10 (listen)
A Telling Travelogue 11-21-10 (listen)
When God Changes Your Plans 12-5-10 (listen)
The Story Behind the Names 12-12-10 (listen)

The Ten Commandments

Ten Words of Grace 11-1-09 (listen)
God and the Competition 11-8-09 (listen)
Creating God in Our Image 11-15-09 (listen)
Hallowed Be Thy Name 11-22-09 (listen)
God’s Holiday 11-29-09 (listen)
Honor Your Parents (And Your Children) 12-6-09 (listen)
Human Rights and Murderous Wrongs 12-13-09 (listen)
Forsaking All Others 1-3-10 (listen)
You Shall Not Steal 1-10-10 (listen)
People of the Truth 1-17-10 (listen)
Longing for Greener Grass 1-24-10 (listen)

The Acts of the Apostles

Pentecost 3-15-09 (listen)
If Jesus Were to Church Shop, What Would He Look For? 3-29-09 (listen)
The Courage to Be Christian 4-19-09 (listen)
The Church Split That Wasn’t 5-3-09 (listen)
The Angelic Martyr 5-17-09 (listen)
The Sorcerer and the Spirit 5-31-09 (listen)
Are Some More Equal Than Others? 6-28-09 (listen)
A Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide 7-5-09 (listen)
Testing the Spirits: Is That God Speaking? 7-12-09 (listen)
Listening to the Rain 7-17-09 (listen)
The Jerusalem Council: Reading God’s Mind 7-26-09 (listen)
If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another 8-2-09 (listen)
It Takes All Kinds 8-9-09 (listen)
Are All Gods Created Equal? 8-23-09 (listen)
Playing Your Position 8-30-09 (listen)
Paul’s Adventures in the Magic Kingdom 9-6-09 (listen)
Keeping Advice in Perspective 9-20-0 (listen)
Got Hope? 9-27-09 (listen)
Will There Really Be Hell to Pay? 10-4-09 (listen)

A God For All Seasons

In The Days of Your Youth 1-11-09 (listen)
We’ve Just Been So Busy 1-18-09 (listen)
Tears, Idle Tears: Seasons of Regret 1-15-09 (listen)
Bored Stiff 2-1-09 (listen)
Taking Responsibility (or, Moving Beyond “Kidulthood”) 2-8-09 (listen)
Waiting 2-15-09 (listen)
A Time To Laugh 2-22-09 (listen)
Not As Young As I Used to Be 3-1-09 (listen)

The Life of Jacob

The Saint Who Lacked a Halo 10-12-08 (listen)
A Banquet of Consequences 10-19-08 (listen)
Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be 10-26-08 (listen)
Romance and Realism 11-2-08 (listen)
The Ministry of Labor 11-16-08 (listen)
It’s All Grace (or, The Logic of Gratitude) 11-23-08 (listen)
Making Peace with Difficult People 11-30-08 (listen)
Embracing the Mystery of God 12-7-08 (listen)
Remembering Who You Are, No Matter Where You Are 12-14-08 (listen)

I Timothy

Preventing Truth Decay 6-22-08 (listen)
It’s All Grace 6-29-08 (listen)
Pray Globally, Act Locally 7-6-08 (listen)
Dressing for Worship 7-13-08 (listen)
Are Women to “Be Seen and Not Heard?” 7-20-08 (listen)
Becoming a Leader Worth Following 7-27-08 (listen)
The Original Social Service Agency 8-3-08 (listen)
Does God Want Us To Be Normal? 8-10-08 (listen)
How To Make Yourself Useful 8-17-08 (listen)
Letters to a Young Leader 8-24-08 (listen)
Taking Care of Mother 9-7-08 (listen)
The Fairness Doctrine 9-14-08 (listen)
For the Love of Money 9-21-08 (listen)
Get a Life! 9-28-08 (listen)

Why Believe?

Faith Has Its Reasons 4-20-08 (listen)
Peace on Earth?  When?  12-8-13  (listen)
The Witness of Human Nature 5-4-08 (listen)
The Witness of the Writings 5-11-08 (listen)
The Witness of the Historical Jesus 5-18-08 (listen)
The Witness of Experience 5-25-08 (listen)
The Witness of Suffering and Evil 6-1-08 (listen)
Non-Reasons for Unbelief 6-8-08 (listen)

Additional sermons

A Pilgrim’s Guide to Thanksgiving (1 Timothy 4 & 6) 11-18-18 (listen)
Brandon Freeman: The Prayer of Jesus on the Cross (Luke 13:34) 10-14-18 (listen)
Roy Wallen: Four Essentials of Biblical Faith (Mark 8:27-38) 10-7-18 ((listen)
Brandon Freeman 7-15-18 (listen)
Easter: The Subversive Power of the Empty Tomb 4-1-18 (listen)
Patrick Walkinshaw:  Following Jesus’ Example 3-18-18 (listen)
Abe Reddekopp 5-21-17 (listen)
Easter as Myth, Mystery and History 4-16-17 (listen)
Missions Speaker 3-26-17 (listen)
Christmas:  Such a Telling Gift 12-25-16 (listen)
Luther Eatman 11-20-16 (listen)
Dr. James Kutnow 10-16-16 (listen)
Ray Meyer 7-24-16 (listen)
Easter:  You’re Wearing the Wrong Glasses 3-27-16 (listen)
Special Speaker 3-13-16 (listen)
Backstage at the Christmas Pageant 12-20-15 (listen)
Guest Speaker 5-10-15 (listen)
Easter 2015:  Reality Isn’t What It Used to Be 4-5-15 (listen)
New Year 2015: Pressing on Toward Maturity 1-4-15 (listen)
Abe Reddekopp 12-28-14 (listen)
Christmas: What Was God Doing in a Manger? 12-21-14 (listen)
Ernie Tromsness 11-30-14 (listen)
Pastor Luther Eatman 3-23-14 (listen)
Changing Course (New Year) 12-29-13 (listen)
Christmas 12-22-13 (listen)
Aulo Wing 12-15-13 (listen)
Doing Your Homework to the Glory of God 8-18-13 (listen)
Missions Speaker 7-7-13 (listen)
The Hero Among Us 5-26-13 (listen)
Easter: An Interdisciplinary Look at the Empty Tomb (listen)
The Irish Legacy 3-17-13 (listen)
Follow Me 3-10-13 (listen)
All The Days of My Life: A Meditation for the New Year 12-30-12 (listen)
The First Christmas Carol 12-23-12 (listen)
Confidence in the Midst of Confusion 11-11-12 (listen)
John Dixon 8-26-12 (listen)
Dr. Ben Awbrey 6-3-12 (listen)
Dr. Jeff Seume 4-1-12 (listen)
Recession-Proof Investing 3-25-12 (listen)
The Well-Spent Life 1-1-12 (listen)
Such a Telling Gift 12-25-11 (listen)
Dr. Jerry Sutton 8-21-11 (listen)
Easter 4-24-11 (listen)
Making a Habit of Growth 1-9-11 (listen)
Bo Price 1-2-11 (listen)
Bo Price 12-26-10 (listen)
Christmas: The Story Behind the Story 12-19-10 (listen)
Gratitude: Living in the Shadow of Grace 11-28-10 (listen)
The Student’s Calling 8-15-10 (listen)
Abe Reddekopp 7-4-10 (listen)
Father’s Day 6-20-10 (listen)
Mother’s Day 5-9-10 (listen)
Easter 4-3-10 (listen)
Palm Sunday 3-28-10 (listen)
Rachel Martin 3-14-10 (listen)
Dr Blake Hearson 8-16-09 (listen)
Dr Blake Hearson 5-24-09 (listen)
Easter: I Can Only Imagine…Or Can I? 4-12-09 (listen)
The Future of Politics 10-5-08 (listen)
Father’s Day 6-15-2008 (listen)
Spiritual Wholeness for Split Personalities 4-6-08 (listen)
Keeping First Things First 3-23-08 (listen)